Monaro Workwear & Promotion’s Range Of Services Have All Aspects Of Your Printing And Design Work Covered So You Don’t Have To Worry About A Thing

When it comes to making sure your promotional material and workwear looks the part, you want to make sure you’ve got all the details right to achieve the best look and feel for your products. Don’t waste time trying to do it all yourself when we have a skilled, experienced team here to help.

What services do we offer?

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers are experienced professionals who work hard to achieve great results for our clients across a range of materials and applications. You’ll deal directly with our staff, briefing them on ideas and goals so they can get to work providing full concepts for you to review. You’ll liaise with them on changes until you’re completely happy with the result.

What types of work can they assist with?

  • Logo & branding
  • Stationary designing
  • Digitising existing non-digital works

You can of course provide us with your own artwork if you have an in house designer, below are the requirements:

  • Preferred Formats
    • Encapsulated PostScript (.EPS Files)
    • Adobe Acrobat PDF files
    • Adobe Illustrator CS2 (Vector Files)
    • Photoshop CS2
  • Please consider the following technical details when preparing your artwork for us:
    • Vector files are preferred as they achieve the best results.
    • Jpeg and bmp files must be at 300dpi./li>
    • Our digital label printer does not match PMS colours. We will however try to match the PMS colours as closely as possible.
    • Files should be outlined and images should be embedded. If this is not the case please include all linked images and fonts.
    • Artwork will require a 2mm bleed.
    • Artwork charges may apply.


We offer a short turnaround time for your printing needs and a team more than happy to offer advice on colours, materials and designs. Our high quality printers allow for vibrant full colour printing on most paper and/or cloth materials which gives you complete flexibility and endless options when deciding on your stationary items.

Design and print a full range of stationary items to complete your brand and give your business the cutting edge everyone is looking for.

Our printing and design teams work closely together to bring your creative ideas to life.


We offer a full embroidery service including business shirts, casual wear, school uniforms, sports bags, caps, work clothes, monogramming to towels, bathrobes etc. all completed in house by our very experienced team using the highest quality materials for superior results.

We offer all customers the option so see a sample of work before completing their order so they can see the quality for themselves, then work is usually turned around in 7-10 working days, however if you have a special date before this window that you need work completed by, we'll do all we can to meet your deadline.

Our machines use a special format, however we’re able to accept many different types of files which we will convert to the correct format for our machine so you don’t need to fuss doing it yourself. This also allows us to support more complex patterns and multi coloured embroidery patterns that some other machines cannot.

For non-digital embroidery patterns, our team can complete a digitising process with remarkable clarity.

Vinyl Pressing/Printing

If you're looking for a durable, cost effective alternative to screen printing that’s perfect for smaller quantities (no job is too small for this kind of printing), then look no further than vinyl pressing or printing. We specialise in vinyl printing and full colour transfers that can be applied to T-Shirts, singlets, polo's, jackets, caps and virtually any product that could normally be screen printed.

All our vinyl printing is completed in house which means we can offer a much quicker turnaround than other types of printing.

This is a unique printing service not offered by many printers and the finished product is excellent both is look and quality. It's also perfect for those wider print jobs that would normally present a challenge for traditional screen printing.

Screen Printing

If you need a larger quantity of balloons, clothing, decals or textiles printed, then screen printing is the perfect solution for you. It's versatility means it and can be applied to more types of materials and all work is completed in house for greater flexibility and reduced turnaround times.

Using the technology of a screen printer we can create a design ideal for the type of material used to ensure exceptional results.

Label Printing

Labels are an efficient and professional-looking way to classify or tag your products and with our range of styles, materials and types, you’re sure to find the perfect label solution for all your needs.

Consider including your logo and contact details on any labels you print so they become even more versatile and can be used for all kinds of branding.

Our range includes:

  • Self-adhesive labels which save you time
  • Transparent labels may look chic on a product
  • Textile labels are an efficient way to expose your brand - consider sewing a textile label on the outside of your products

Our in house designers can work with you to make sure your design looks perfect on the finish product and our printing and production team work for quick deliveries so you can start using your labels sooner.

Ready to utilise one or all of our services? Request your free consultation and quote today