Professional Branding Gives Your Business The Edge – Make Sure You've Got It Right With Monaro Workwear & Promotional

Everything, from your business card, to the sign out the front of your office, the uniform your reception staff wear to the letterhead and pens on your desk creates an impression for your clients. You want to make sure that you're giving them the right idea about you from the very first interaction which is where professionally printed or embroidered branded materials can make all the difference.

Branded materials and corporate gifts also give you the opportunity to improve business positioning by getting your name into the homes of your clients, or potential clients so they're thinking about you without even realising it. Every time they pick up that pen, or look at that calendar with your logo and contact details on it, you're part of their thought process so even if they're not ready to engage your service or buy your product straight away, you'll be front of mind when they are.

Some of our most popular promotional and marketing materials for businesses and government entities include:

  • Conference bags
  • Events merchandise
  • Calendars, diaries and notebooks
  • Full colour business cards
  • Banners, flags and signs
  • Workwear
  • Corporate gifts
  • Desk accessories
  • Cups and mugs

We know that your time is valuable so you need a simple, cost effective and streamlined service which is why we offer the following services for businesses:

  • Selecting the manufacturer of the gifts or clothes
  • Choosing appropriate products and changing them seasonally
  • Embroidery VS printing decision help
  • Choice of colours – both for logos and materials
  • Designing your logo or message to be printed
  • Choice of sizes and measures
  • Delivery of the ready product to your workplace

Contact us today to organise a free consultation and quote for your next promotional materials, corporate gifts or uniforms.